Lighting how-to articles

Why and how to upgrade your lighting circuit

How to rewire a stock headlamp system to include relays, HD wiring and fuses. The success or failure of your lighting upgrade efforts rides on the quality of your parts and the quality of your work.

Here is a description of how to set up the sidemarker wiring

Many cars have amber front sidemarker lamps that DON'T flash with the turn signals. This is permitted by our (outmoded, inadequate) lighting and signalling specifications in North America, but these lamps are also permitted to flash. Having them flash is an advantage, because that way your turn indicators are more visible to drivers who are flanking your car, and cannot see your front or rear indicators.

Aiming your E-code headlights

E-code headlamps require a specific visual aiming procedure to ensure correct alignment. You can find the procedure here.

Information about lights

Information about light, head, tail and marker lights, conventional and auxilliary lights.

Information about bulbs

Articles about specific types of bulbs.

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